Hayward Gourmet Hot Cocoa Bombs

$ 12.50

Tend to your sweet tooth and grab one of these Hayward Gourmet Hot Cocoa Bombs! Perfect for those snowy nights by the fire, or a special stocking stuffer!!

*How to Use: Place your Gourmet Swiss Hot Coco Bomb in a mug of your choice and pour 8-12oz’s of either hot water, hot milk, or hot coffee over the top of the Bomb and watch the gourmet chocolate shell melt open and expose the Gourmet Swiss Hot Cocoa Mix and Mini Marshmallows—stir as you please.

*Decoration: Currently our Cocoa & Cappuccino bombs are being decorated according to the season’s.

*Measurements: Each Bomb is 70mm—this is considered a Large Bomb among the market!

*Packaging: Each Bomb comes individually wrapped and placed in a plastic jar with a lid. The lid is heat-sealed with tamper-proof band of heat-wrap which also helps keep the bombs fresh! Cello wrapping is used to keep the bombs snug and immobile while in its jar—no insurance needed as our bombs rarely ever break during the shipping and handling process with this packing method. We ship thousands of bombs each season!

Freshness: Unopened with heat-seal intact: 6 months.

Made in the USA.

NOT PICTURED: Pumpkin Spice.