Olivine Atelier Self Love Potion

$ 36.00

Self Love Potion is a body mist, a hair refresh, a room spray, a linen spray and a lucky charm all rolled into one.  

Essential Oils:

♢ Coconut - the most delicious beachy scent, a gentle reminder of beach vacations and sun-kissed skin

♢ Hawaiian Sandalwood - super seductive and grounding

♢ Sweet Orange - picks you up and cheers you up, even on the darkest days

♢ Lavender - calming and intuitive, stress and anxiety are washed away

Flower Essences:

♢ Larch - the ultimate confidence booster, you are absolutely amazing, just as you are, right this very moment

♢ Crab Apple - for when you just don't feel like you are 'perfect' enough

♢ Pink Monkeyflower - allows you to show up and feel safe being gloriously you

♢ Missouri Primrose - lets go of guilt, self sabotage, and feelings of unworthiness  

♢ Buttercup - helps you realize your worth based on who you truly are, not on who you believe society is telling you to be

♢ Goldenrod - assists you to stop seeking outside approval and gain inner strength and conviction about who you truly are