Stella Green Scarf Candle-FINAL SALE

$ 15.40 $ 22.00

Straight from France! Get excited with this 2-in-1 Stella Green Scarf Candle that will suit you in so many ways! It features a candle of your choice, and a scarf that you can either leave on for display or take off to wear it as a headscarf, bracelet, neck scarf, etc.!


"Bougie Foulard" means "Candle Scarf."

"Comment porter votre Foulard?" means "How to wear your scarf?" 

"Le foulard est assorti au motif de la boite." means "The scarf matches the pattern of the box."

Senteur Fleur d'oranger = Orange Blossom Scent

Senteur Cannelle = Cinnamon Scent

Senteur Jasmin = Jasmine Scent

Senteur Vétiver = Vetiver Scent

Senteur Patchouli = Patchouli Scent

Senteur Bois de cèdre = Cedar Wood Scent